Remembering that day

11 Sep

Where were you nine years ago today?

I woke up to my neighbor telling me there’s something wrong in New York. Soon, I was sitting in my high school classes watching the news. Parents were traveling abroad. Brother was at college. Best friends were in Europe. The reactions were fairly similar across the board- a combination of disbelief, hope and caution.

Being in a pop punk/alternative rock/emo phase at the time, this song resonated with the current events.

The Innocent by Goldfinger, Mest and Good Charlotte

Time cannot erase those images and emotions tied to that day, but by the grace and strength of our being, life goes on.


Got a secret. Can you keep it?

9 Sep

Some things are better left unsaid. Some things are better not remembered. Apparently, photographs have been replaced with video.

Secret by The Pierces

One night of magic rush

6 Sep

A weekend in NOLA, Nawlins or New Orleans, whichever you prefer, is bound to be a good time with good company, to say the least. The combination of authentic Cajun food, live music (including zydeco), colorful personalities, dancing… it’s a place to be carefree and let yourself go without a worry in the world.

It’s like Sixth Street (Austin) on steroids.

We happened to stumble in on Southern Decadence weekend, too, which meant religious preachers joined the fun, but that was a minor detail of what would ensue in two nights of revelry.

Aside from the non-stop dancing and skedaddling Bourbon Street with drink in hand, etc., one of my favorite moments was when I heard The Knife‘s Heartbeats … at Rick’s Cabaret.

It was one of those moments — I’m in a strip club… in New Orleans… at 4 in the morning… with one of my favorite homies listening/dancing to Heartbeats. Love it.

Heartbeats by The Knife

New Orleans is kind of like Vegas. You can only stay for so long and go hard to get the most out of it.

It’s 90210

2 Sep

Does today’s date ring a bell? It’s 90210.

Who didn’t catch a glimpse of the once new-age, teenage soap opera of the 90’s?

Oh the drama, oh the scandal. Captivating really – eight best friends living the life in Beverly Hills.

As a young one at the height of its popularity, I felt scandalous watching the show when it probably wasn’t the most appropriate show next to the likes of Tiny Toons or I Love Lucy. Fast forward 10 years, and this show is PG compared to the profanity and trashiness of the latest works on MTV. Have we, as a generation, become more or less vulgar or risqué? Or are we more comfortable and creative with how we express it on the tube?

Wale‘s 90210 depicts a less pretty view of the zip.

The loop line takes you round and through

30 Aug

There are three staples in my head. Accidents unfortunately happen. The cost of health care and all the bureaucracy that follows… oh my.

The New York Times spotlights a study that correlates the recession and economic woes with a reduction in routine care. No surprise. It’s a shame though. There isn’t a perfect system out there, but I think the French are probably on the right track. Time will only tell where we’ll be with our health care overhaul. It’s happening.

On a brighter note, there wasn’t a wait at St. Lukes hospital in Houston… it was 4 a.m. The doctor and nurses were friendly, even when blood squirted from my wound to her face. The doctor gave me another thing to worry about- my bunions. aye.

Cheers to the magic of hydrocodone… magic like this song. oh so cheesey.

Osaka Loop Line by Discovery

Theoretically speaking, your health and well-being are priceless. Take care of your mind and body.

I want to ride my bicycle

27 Aug

Critical Mass. The idea seems a bit off the deep end: last Friday of every month a mass of cyclists unite to go for a ride and inadvertently/intentionally become the traffic.

The cycling community is in a league of its own. The event started in 1992 with less than 50 riders in San Francisco and has gone global with more than 300 cities taking part. The purpose of the ride is to promote awareness of all things bikes, while having some fun with music, alcohol (if you’re lucky/of age) and of course, fellow riders. To me, cyclists are part of population that give me faith in mankind… such a broad statement, but I’m sure it’ll be better explained in a future post.

Bicycle Race by Queen

Happy, safe riding!

I’m doing my thang

26 Aug

True story: I’m on a run. iPod is set to shuffle. Il Divo starts to play … but not for long.

There’s a scientific reason I’ll skip Il Divo for the next fast-paced song. I thought of it as a natural instinct, but an article from the New York Times health blog refers to studies that prove it’s more than a personal tendency. Faster tempos produced greater motivation and greater effort.

Ironically, when you think you need the beat the most, it won’t do you much good. Another study limits the effect of music on strenuous, intense exercises. At that point in a workout, the body’s pain speaks louder than the beat. It’s true. Coming around the last miles of a marathon, I had some favorites coming from my iPod, but it didn’t matter. It just sounded nice in the background while all I could think about was the pain and how much I wanted to reach the finish line.

Steve Aoki‘s remix of Kid Cudi‘s Pursuit of Happiness was somewhere on my five-hour playlist. Yes. Five hours. It was my first, maybe my last (hopefully not), marathon.

None of the songs on Fitness’ Half-Marathon Training Playlist were on my list. Though I do want to give some a try. I’m digging the 10-mile run playlist, though I’d choose a different Rilo Kiley song.

oh happy day.